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Luxe-FAX - Australia

Published in January

For adventure, Australia and New Zealand are ideal destinations where wildlife and outdoor experiences abound. Australia, the world’s largest island but smallest continent, offers diverse geography, wildlife, and adventure opportunities. New Zealand is a smaller island nation where water sports are the major adventure.

Published in November

Do your clients like to plan ahead? If you have trained your clients well, they are savvy travelers who know they can save big on vacations with this year’s trips available at this last year’s prices in some cases. With the dollar fluctuating, and travel costs around the globe rising, it’s still possible to secure a 2008 vacation to Australia or New Zealand at 2007 prices. And wouldn’t your clients love you all the more if they can spend that savings on a night in a luxurious Outback resort rather than spend that extra money – sometimes an increase of 10% a year.

Published in February

Victoria’s newest marine attraction, the Nobbies Centre in Phillip Island Nature Park in Melbourne has opened after a $6.1 million redevelopment. In a first for Australian tourism, hi-tech cameras allow visitors close-up viewing of the world’s second largest Australian Fur Seal colony at Seal Rock (numbering 20,000) as they frolic in Bass Strait. Dolphins and sharks can also be spotted, as well as the rich bird life nesting in the cliffs. Entry to the centre is free. Phillip Island Nature Park is also renowned as the home of Australia’s most popular natural wildlife attraction, the world famous Penguin Parade. Just 90 minutes from Melbourne, Phillip Island features wildlife reserves, wetlands and breathtaking coastlines, offering some of the most intimate viewing experiences of Australian wildlife in their natural habitats.

Published in July

When I see it on a list of the best cities in the world, I smile and say, “Good on ya, Sydney!” Sydneysiders love to be outdoors and have created for themselves an Eden of glass and steel right near the beaches. Even now, having visited seven times, I find it impossible not to be constantly delighted here.

Published in August
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