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Embracing Change

Written by  Douglas Cooke
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One thing we can all count on in our day-to-day lives is change. The rate of change in the travel and publishing industries seems to be outpacing others. Change can be daunting. Everyone has a comfort zone, and change tends to force us outside of that zone. However, that is not always a bad thing. One of my favorite selling phrases is ?if you always do what you?ve always done, you will always get what you always got.? Change forces us to open our minds to new ways of doing business. So, what are the changes that are impacting travel agents and how can you address them?

Customers shopping online: One of the biggest impacts on travel agents has been the consumers? use of the internet and OTA?s. But changes in consumer behavior may also mean an increased interest in what you offer; don?t forget to be prepared for this type of change. If you?re losing sales, it may not be because your customers no longer need or want what you offer; rather, they are perceiving that they are getting a better deal elsewhere. The number of new inquiries can also drop if leads can?t find you, or are more tempted by someone else?s offer.What can you do? Use the knowledge and expertise you possess to improve your service and product offering. If you are the best, your customers will stay. Provide excellence in customer service and the knowledge your clients need. Every agent needs to have an answer to the question of why a client should use your services rather than go online.

Changes in Technology: Technology is changing rapidly and while this can be intimidating, ultimately it will improve your business and lead to better sales. For our long time agent readers, do you remember the days before CRS?s and automated ticketing? No one wants to go back to handwriting tickets, but learning to use the CRS was probably pretty daunting back then. Websites, social media and electronic communication are the way today?s successful agents are engaging their clients. If you are innovative with technology, you may just make a lot more money.As hard as it may be to believe, changes in publishing have outpaced the travel industry. We are challenged with keeping our readership up to date with news and information in whatever medium you want to receive it. Most publishers have embraced this change and improved their business as a result. JAX FAX continues to launch programs to help educate you on industry suppliers and worldwide destinations. Look for the launch of our new website, a new destination specialist learning center, and other innovative products.

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