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September (4)

Founded in 2001, Seoul Performing Arts Festival (SPAF) is one of Korea’s biggest performing arts festivals and encompasses the works of both international and domestic contemporary works of drama, dance and interdisciplinary arts. It runs for one month, from mid-September to mid-October, at major venues throughout Seoul and is funded by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Arts Council Korea, the Seoul aMetropolitan Government and the Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture. SPAF is a festival that introduces cutting-edge, innovative and thought-provoking contemporary work. Over the past seven years, the event has presented more than 409 pieces (78 from overseas artists, 331 from domestic artists and auxiliary events). This year promises to be even better.

Rarotonga. Aitutaki. Manihiki. Rakahanga. The Cook Islands, scattered across the sea like a string of pearls, are the essence of the magical South Pacific.
They represent a destination in which to live out daydreams of being castaway on a tropical island – complete with room service, internet, and, possibly, the warmest welcome in the Pacific. With the 13th series of the reality show “Survivor” these islands have attained celebrity status, but clients will not have to worry about surviving their vacations.

For years Kenya and Tanzania were coupled as a neat little package to East Africa, but the tide of popularity and tourism planning is shifting and the two destinations are being sold often independently of one another.
At the same time, the winning combination has its fans especially for first-time visitors to Africa.
Among them is Susan Neva, Operations Manager and Africa Specialist at SITA, “East Africa is the ultimate choice for your first-time safari client. They will see game in abundance, which is what they expect when choosing an African Safari for their vacation.” Her advice to agents: She strongly recommends that agents pre-book clients up to a year in advance. Call 800-421-5643;

Quick geo quiz. Which East African country is home to 1.) Kilimanjaro? 2.) Serengeti National Park? 3.) Zanzibar? If you answered Tanzania to any of these, pat yourself on the back. If you answered Kenya – Tanzania’s neighbor to the north – well, you’re not alone. Despite Tanzania being home to some of the most recognizably African travel icons, few travelers associate Tanzania with its premier unique attractions.
Yet, Tanzania has seen its tourism star rise precipitously, and visitors have discovered a refreshing throwback. Animals freely wander parks the size of whole U.S. states, and small-scale safari camps are left open to the largest wild populations in the world.

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