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February (2)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013 13:20

Smile,You’re on Fiji

Written by

My first trip to Fiji almost 20 years ago was in the wake of a coup, and despite the lack of tourists, the Fijians greeted us with wide welcoming smiles. I recall a full orchestra playing for a handful of guests at the then Regent Hotel and a thunderous rainstorm pelting the rooftop of the old Grand Pacific in Suva, reminding me of Somerset Maugham’s short story Rain. Today, a few coups later, the Fijians are still smiling and rightly so. Fiji has grown from a traveler’s stopover to Australia and New Zealand to a world-class destination, a paradise where anything is possible.
More than 300 islands make up this fabulous archipelago floating in the South Pacific blue, though most of them are uninhabited. The largest island, Vitu Levu boasts much of the resort development like the Coral Coast, Pacific Harbor, and the Nadi area including Denarau Island. To the north, the second and third largest islands, Vanua Levu and Taveuni are known for their smaller more intimate resorts with spectacular diving reefs. The Kadavu Group, Fiji’s fourth largest, lies about 60 miles south of Vitu Levu and is also great for divers. The Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands are peppered with backpacker resorts as well as a number of five-star properties. The outer islands including the Lau Group midway between Fiji and Tonga offer a back to nature experience only for the most adventurous.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013 05:39

Driving Business DownUnder

Written by

Do your clients like to plan ahead? If you have trained your clients well, they are savvy travelers who know they can save big on vacations with this year’s trips available at this last year’s prices in some cases. With the dollar fluctuating, and travel costs around the globe rising, it’s still possible to secure a 2008 vacation to Australia or New Zealand at 2007 prices. And wouldn’t your clients love you all the more if they can spend that savings on a night in a luxurious Outback resort rather than spend that extra money – sometimes an increase of 10% a year.

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